Old Fishing Photos
I collect old lures especially Musky lures if you have any old lures please give me a call Mike Rolf (216) 226-7533or go to my web site
Mikes Old Lures or E-Mail Me mike@oldlures.org  Thank you enjoy the old pictures

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I Believe all these pics date from the 1930's

girl_musky.jpg (110800 bytes) old_musky_fishing.jpg (79185 bytes) muskys.jpg (85460 bytes) old_antique_fishing_lures_fish_pike_bass.jpg (140251 bytes) girls_antique_lures_fish.jpg (69291 bytes) single_musky.jpg (144704 bytes) sturgeon_old_picture_lures.jpg (72769 bytes) Always Looking for old lures for my collection please give me a call if you have any I may be interested in Mike Rolf (216)226-7533 or E-Mail mike@oldlures.org .Hit Counter