These Are a Few Choice Baits Out of My Collection

Heddon          Mike Rolf (216) 226-7533           Pictures Of Old Lure Paperwork               

Two Belly Weight 150 In Silver Belly Rainbow & Box

800 Swimming Min. In Intro It Swims Box

Greenscale Musky Vamp & Box

Jointed Musky Vamp Strawberry In Box

7509L Vamp In Perch Scale In Box

Wilder Dilg In Picture Box

110 River Runts

Misc. Lures

Silver Creek-Moonlight Polly Wogs

Wilson Cupped Wobler In Red & Green Spotted & Cattail Box

Coldwater Helldiver In Box

1907 Pflueger Neverfail In See Thru Hardwear "MOHAWK CRACKLE BACK"

Shakespeare Copper Metalized 3 Hook Min.

Always Paying $50-$500 For New Additions To My Collection Mike (216) 226-7533

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Trade Please Call Mike Rolf (216) 226-7533

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